Sunday, March 1, 2009

Size Matters

And of course, by size I am referring to number of hits. Get your minds out of the gutter people.

A recent discussion on the message board for my class has centered on how to monitor blog traffic on the Blogger platform. From what I've been reading, a good way of tracking is through Google Analytics, which discreetly monitors your site's traffic (including time spent on the site) without listing page views on the site itself. Let's face it, though we feel like the stars of our blogosphere, for us beginning bloggers this number can be a little embarrassing.

I've just signed up, so I will report back if this tool actually works. It seems like it is geared more towards e-commerce. Hmm, now if I could only monetize my blog...

Dreaming big about blog hits led me to wonder about other successful female bloggers. While perusing, a site with many useful blogging tips, I came across their ranking of the Fifty Most Influential Female Bloggers. While beating out Ariana Huffington for the top spot, the founders of, an online community for female bloggers has engaged their audience giving them another place to promote themselves and share ideas. What a great concept that I will certainly be reading more about.