Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mother's Day...don't forget!

I am usually pretty good when it comes to remembering birthdays and holidays (especially now that I have Outlook, Facebook and my iPhone calendar to remind me) but lately I needn't worry. Retailers, practically screaming these days for my attention, have been making helpful suggestions as to what I can give for every little (Hallmark) holiday from Secretary's to Mother's Days. Now I love my mother, but isn't there a better way for me to show it than spending money I don't have on a gadget she likely doesn't really want?

Case in point: The Flip MinoHD is totally covetable, but not only would my mother lose it because it is so tiny, it has a $229 price tag! The company has partnered with shopping site, ideeli to offer two lucky winners free ones that feature tricked out designs, but the rest of us will have to shell out if we want one. Perhaps if there is a new baby around, this might be justifed as a more affordable way to record those precious first moments?

Equinox has also been sending me emails for the past week or so with the tag line "Mum's the word. Give her the royal treatment with a spa package specially priced for a limited time only." From my previous post about Equinox, you can probably figure out that this is not an inexpensive option either.

Because we're all worried about the economy these days, most of us will be scaling back our gift-giving over the year, and Mother's Day certainly won't be the exception.

According to the National Retail Federation's latest Consumer Intentions and Actions report 83.3% of adults will be shopping for their moms and spending an average of $123.89 (down from a 2007 high of $139.14). The majority will opt for the holiday clich├ęs: flowers, jewelry and greeting cards, to the tune of $4.84 billion. Other perennial favorites include outings, day spa trips, gift certificates and clothing.

Spending less doesn't mean you can't explore other ways to show mom she is special. How about giving her something completely free, like your time? Spend the day with her, cook for her, help her clean the house, perhaps just ask her what her perfect day would be. Even in flush times, mom might appreciate one of these suggestions as opposed to giving her the same perfume year after year.

So mom, if you are reading this, let's make a date to hang out. We can do what we do best, which is shopping, eating and gossiping. Of course I know better not to send flowers as well...there is no excuse for depriving a woman of flowers on one of the few days a year she gets them.